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Outgrowing QuickBooks: The Case for Upgrading to Acumatica

Outgrowing QuickBooks: The Case for Upgrading to Acumatica

Quickbooks vs Acumatica

The Need for a Robust Cloud-based ERP Over QuickBooks

In the fast-paced realm of modern business, the need for efficient, connected, and scalable enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions has become increasingly apparent. Believe it or not, the choice of an ERP platform can make all the difference between stagnation and growth, between merely surviving and thriving and we will prove it to you as you keep on reading this article. QuickBooks, once a staple for small business accounting needs, may now prove inadequate in meeting the complex demands of today’s dynamic business environment. QuickBooks has long been a trusted tool for small businesses, offering basic accounting functionalities that serve as a solid foundation for financial management. However, as your business evolves and expands, you would encounter limitations within QuickBooks that hinder your ability to scale and adapt to changing needs.

Acumatica on the other hand, emerges as a beacon of innovation and flexibility in this landscape, redefining what it means to be a modern, connected ERP platform. Unlike QuickBooks, which primarily focuses on accounting tasks, Acumatica offers a comprehensive suite of functionalities that encompasses accounting, inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM), project management, and more. The key distinction lies in Acumatica’s ability to seamlessly connect various aspects of business operations, providing a holistic view of the organization and empowering informed decision-making. This interconnectedness enables businesses to streamline processes, optimize resource allocation, and drive efficiency across the board. As your small business grows and the operations become more complex, you will find yourself outgrowing the capabilities of QuickBooks. The software’s limitations in scalability, customization, and integration can hinder productivity and impede growth potential. In contrast, Acumatica offers scalability, flexibility, and adaptability that cater to the evolving needs of growing businesses. With Acumatica, small businesses like yours can easily transition from the confines of QuickBooks to a modern ERP platform that not only meets your current requirements but also scales as you expand. By embracing Acumatica’s connected approach to ERP, you can unlock new levels of efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Differences in Capabilities between Acumatica and QuickBooks

For Small Businesses

Streamlining Success: Moonlight Mixes’ Journey to Operational Efficiency with Pabian Partners & Acumatica ERP


Moonlight Mixes, a premium gourmet snack brand renowned for its crunchy and savory delights crafted from top-quality, zero trans-fat ingredients, found itself grappling with operational inefficiencies. Relying on QuickBooks for accounting and juggling production and inventory management via Excel spreadsheets, the company faced significant hurdles. QuickBooks, lacking robust inventory functionalities, led to inaccuracies in inventory counts and heightened room for errors. Moreover, the absence of data-driven decision-making hindered the potential of their small team.

In light of these challenges, Moonlight Mixes sought the expertise of Pabian Partners to navigate their operational woes. Collaborating closely, we orchestrated a seamless transition from paper-based and QuickBooks-centric operations to a comprehensive Acumatica ERP solution. Through this transformation, Moonlight Mixes not only streamlined their processes but also gained access to intuitive dashboards, reporting and inventory management tools, empowering them to make informed, data-driven decisions with confidence.


  • Boosted company’s order processing bandwidth by 10X and enabled them to handle orders from multiple retailers to direct consumers without extra admin hires and costs. This was made possible by automating their order to cash cycle through EDI, e-commerce, and other sales channels.
  • Streamlined operations through Acumatica ERP’s powerful features, leading to efficient production management and accurate inventory control.
  • Facilitated a larger workforce and the acquisition of significant new customers, indicating substantial business expansion.
  • Enabled more informed decision-making through intuitive dashboards and robust reporting tools.
  • Positioned Moonlight Mixes for ongoing growth, reflected in increased number of sales channels, revenue and business scalability.


Pabian Partners embarked on a collaborative journey with the team at Moonlight Mixes to identify and address their key challenges in inventory, production, and accounting. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, we introduced them to the Acumatica ERP system, known for its powerful inventory management capabilities. We guided the Moonlight Mixes team through the system’s features, including its intuitive dashboards and reporting tools, which are designed to optimize operations and enable data-driven decision-making.

With the company’s business objectives as our guide, we crafted an effective end-to-end ERP implementation strategy, encompassing everything from initial planning to data migration—which involved cleansing, mapping, and transferring data—and provided ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition. We also setup their EDI add-on that helped them comply with their multiple retail customer mandates and handle orders efficiently. Our commitment to their success extended to offering specialized accounting resources to assist with bookkeeping needs.

The transformation was swift and effective; Moonlight Mixes transitioned to Acumatica in under three months. Three years later, the results speak for themselves: accurate inventory control, higher bandwidth to handle orders and compliance from multiple retailers, and continued sales growth. This journey with Pabian Partners has not only solved their initial challenges but also positioned Moonlight Mixes for sustained growth and success with growing revenue.

“I've worked with many well-known ERPs in my career and I find Acumatica to be the best! Easy to use yet comprehensive in its functionality. From order processing to CRM to accounting to MRP and inventory management, this software continues to impress. Our move to Acumatica was pivotal in our explosive growth. Our partnership with Pabian Partners' team has made it all possible. Johnny and team have created a package that keeps our systems ahead and prepared us for continued growth.”
Scott Waidmann
CEO, Moonlight Mixes


  1. The Importance of Addressing Operational Inefficiencies: Moonlight Mixes’ initial struggles with inventory accuracy and decision-making underscore the necessity of recognizing and addressing operational inefficiencies. Proactively seeking solutions can significantly improve business operations.

  2. The Value of Specialized ERP Systems: The transition from basic accounting software and manual spreadsheets to a specialized ERP system highlights the transformative impact of integrating advanced technology solutions. Acumatica ERP’s robust inventory management capabilities and intuitive dashboards were instrumental in streamlining Moonlight Mixes’ operations.

  3. Collaborative Approach to Solution Design: The success of the project was partly due to our collaborative approach. Understanding the client’s pain points and business objectives is crucial in designing an effective solution.

  4. Comprehensive Planning and Implementation Strategy: The detailed planning, data migration, and the step-by-step implementation strategy underscore the importance of thorough preparation and execution in the successful adoption of new systems. Ensuring data integrity and minimizing disruption during transition are critical components.

  5. The Role of Continuous Support and Training: Post-implementation support and training are essential to fully leverage the new system. Moonlight Mixes’ ability to achieve near-perfect inventory counts and business growth was supported by ongoing assistance and expertise from Pabian Partners.

  6. Quick Implementation and Long-term Benefits: The case demonstrates that rapid implementation (less than three months in this case) does not preclude achieving significant long-term benefits, such as improved inventory accuracy, business expansion, and the ability to serve larger customers.

  7. Adaptability and Growth: Moonlight Mixes’ journey illustrates how adopting advanced technology solutions can equip businesses to adapt to changing market demands and position them for growth. The increase in employee count and expansion of their customer base are testaments to the scalability provided by such digital transformations.
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